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A Man Can Avert His Own Destiny

A Man Can Avert His Own Destiny: “Each man is the smith of his own fortune” (Appius Claudius) This is a well-known saying of Roman Philosopher that shows that man is an architect of his own destination.Destiny is a quite colloquial term to all of us, that is usually defined as predetermined fate [...]

Literature in 19th Century (James Joyce)

Literature in 19th Century Nineteenth century Millennium Literary works was very popular in its days. It was absolutely liked and became very essential during the Victorian Era. Many types and designs of composing prospered among the writers of this interval. Many different form of composing had [...]

Young Habits Die Hard

Young Habits Die Hard: “We become what we do repeatedly” (Sean Covey) It has rightly been said,because when we do something frequently it becomes our habit.This constantly performed action engraved in personality and becomes difficult to withdraw. Young age is a period,when various habits are [...]

Caged in the Percolate

Caged in the Percolate Really lastly I got it where I am caged in, caged in a percolate, a percolate may pinned by conditions when, a while and every periods but what merely happens is the caged percolate continues to be the same. Bubble and pockets create their difference what they bring, what [...]

A True Love

A True Love “Producing smile is the job of man; My every smile contains Thy name, Everything that I have is Thy blessing; And Thou always saved me from blazing. Thou heal my wounds and take away all my pain, I never felt me alone due to Thy coalescing; When I weep and get oppresses, Thou come [...]

Modifying Horse in the Center of the Stream

Modifying Horse in the Center of the Stream In the center of the flow what we did to our serious rights? Do we rationalize ourselves or our need of achievements rank? Is it okay to change so often the check so quickly while disturbing none other than reasonably yourself? Really it issues the [...]


      ♣                  “ A deceiver is always deceived by himself “        ♣                “ Never hurt anybody because heart is the                              place where God lives“      ♣                   “ Things become vague when we give them                           more [...]
eyes with covered face (13)

Thy Eyes

Thy Eyes Can Never Lies         Thy eyes can never tell lies,         Thou can not conceal thy love or fie,        When thou are silent,thy eyes speak,        As they are giving me some advise.        Every time,I look deep into thy eyes,       I find an endless affectation,       That makes me [...]

Pain A Feared Apprehension

Pain A Feared Apprehension: Have the courage to live. Anyone can die (Robert Cody) Pain is an unpleasant and an unwanted sensation, but it is very realistic problem and inevitable part of life. People can wear pain on the outside like a mask,hiding it from the world.But it hides deep within them [...]
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