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The Crucible Study Guide and Summary

Table of Contents Context Summary Character List Analysis of Major Characters Themes, Motifs & Symbols Important Quotations Explained Key Facts Study Questions & Essay Topics Quiz Suggestions for Further Reading How to Cite This Here

The Crucible Context

Image via Wikipedia In the season 1692, in the small Boston town of Salem, a selection of women dropped ill, decreasing sufferer to hallucinations and convulsions. In highly spiritual Puritan New Britain, distressing or stunning situations often credited to the demon or his cohorts. The [...]

The Crucible Themes, Motifs & Symbols

Themes Lies and Deceit Most of the character types in The Crucible are relaxing – if not to other persons, then to themselves. Abigail lies about her capability to see people, as do the other girls; Proctor is deceitful first for being unfaithful on his spouse and then for camouflaging it; and the [...]

The Crucible Analysis of Major Characters

The Crucible Research of Significant Characters John Proctor In a feeling, The Crucible has the design of an established loss, with Bob Proctor as the play’s dreadful top man. Genuine, straight, and blunt-spoken, Proctor is an excellent man, but one with a technique, dangerous drawback. His lust [...]

The Crucible Character List

Bob Proctor – A regional character who day-to-day lives just outside town; Electronic Proctor’s man. A firm, harsh-tongued man, Bob cannot stand hypocrisy. Nevertheless, he has a disguised. Sin—his matter with Abigail Williams—that shows his problem. When the hysteria takes place, he hesitates to [...]
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