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Themes in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus

Themes in Doctor Faustus Themes are the universal and fundamental ideas presented in a literary work. There are lots of significant themes in Doctor Faustus. Flesh and Spirit The conflict between flash and spirit is strongly depicted in Doctor Faustus. Flash is related with human body lust and [...]

Doctor Faustus Miracle, Mystery and Morality Play

1. INTODUCTION: Christopher Marlowe was the greatest dramatist of the medieval period. His career as a dramatist must have begun soon after his career as an actor. He wrote six splendid plays, all reflecting his essential spirit & nature. All were full of passion & poetry. He was also a member of [...]

Doctor Faustus, Christopher Marlowe’s Legend

Doctor Faustus is probably Christopher Marlowe’s greatest achievement. The work features some of his greatest poetry. The play presents a fascinating exploration of religious observance–without any easy answers. Should we consider Dr. Faustus an exemplary figure who challenges the heavens? Or is [...]

Doctor Faustus As A RENAISSANCE Play

Renaissance which literally means re-birth or re-awakening ,is the name of a Europe-wide movement which closed the trammels and conventions of the Mediaeval age, and makes for liberation in all aspects of life and culture. There was a shift from heavenly to earthly life. Wealth, knowledge and power [...]

The Nobel Prize in Literature

Nobel’s Will and the Literature Prize Among the five prizes provided for in Alfred Nobel’s will (1895), one was intended for the person who, in the literary field, had produced “the most outstanding work in an ideal direction”. The Laureate should be determined by “the Academy in [...]

Conflict in Doctor Faustus

Christopher Marlowe’s play, its genre an English tragedy of the sixteenth century, presents the tragic conflict of the Faustus theme in the tradition of medieval morality plays. There are two kind of conflict in the play: one between rival views of nature of evil and the other between the choice of [...]
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