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Role of Teachers in Education

Role of Teacher in Education Education encompasses both the teaching and learning of knowledge, proper conduct, and technical competency. It thus focuses on the cultivation of skills, trades or professions, as well as mental, moral and aesthetic development. Education is a two way process there is [...]

Knowledge is Power?

Knowledge? Desire for power is inherent in man through knowledge. The love of power comes from the consciousness of man’s mental and moral superiority over other created beings. It is instinctive; therefore, that man as superior being must control and dominate others. Again, the awareness that not [...]

Teaching Addition Skills Constructive Ideas

Mixing Categories of Physical Objects Teaching Skills: For many learners, this is their most primary practical understanding of including up. This procedure normally in teaching skills requires gathering two places of physical objects, then keeping track of how many physical objects there are in [...]

Lord of the Flies Character List

Rob –  The novel’s character, the twelve-year-old British boy who decided chief of the number of young children marooned on the region. Rob work to organize the boys’ operate to make a small many on the region until they would rescue. Rob signifies human being beings’ civilizing thought, in [...]

What Should Have To Do, Before You Go To Study Abroad

Image via Wikipedia If you decided to go abroad to study, than you have to start preparing your plans. Choose a course While the choice of the course you are going to do, make sure that you are really interested in this route. Try to get the most out of the country in which it designed to [...]
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Language, Society And Culture

Factors Involved in the investigation of Social Dialect Social Class And Education: Leaving Educational system at early age e.g. ( Them boys throwed somethin) Spending long time in educational system e.g. (Talks like a book) Labov’s Theory: Study of Labov (1972), looking sales people pronunciation [...]

How to Advertise to Be a Tutor

Before You Posting a Tutor Be ready to take customers and tutor them before you post your first ad. Your advertising will be most effective if you can create a good first impression with those who call. Good preparation should also show through in your ads. Choose the subject(s) you will tutor. [...]
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