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Colonialism in A Passage to India E. M. Forster

RONNY AND COLONIALISM The way to control of other people’s land and goods is colonialism, colonialism is not only the expansion of modern European trend, but it was flourished by the Roman Empire from Armenia to the Atlantic in the second century. Genghis Khan conquered the Middle East including [...]

Knowledge is Power?

Knowledge? Desire for power is inherent in man through knowledge. The love of power comes from the consciousness of man’s mental and moral superiority over other created beings. It is instinctive; therefore, that man as superior being must control and dominate others. Again, the awareness that not [...]

Lord of the Flies Study Guide and Summary

Lord of the Flies Study Guide and Summary Table of Content Context Summary Character List Analysis of Major Characters Themes Motifs & Symbols Important Quotations Explained Key Facts Study Questions & Essay Topics Quiz Suggestions for Further Reading

To Kill a Mockingbird Themes, Motifs & Symbols

Themes The Coexistence of Great and Evil The most significant style of To Eliminate a Mockingbird is the book’s search of the significant characteristics of human being beings—that is, whether people are effectively good or effectively nasty. The novel solutions this problem by dramatizing Look and [...]

To Kill a Mockingbird Analysis of Major Characters

Scout Scout is a very uncommon little woman, both in her own features and in her public scene. She is very sensible (she understands to study before outset school), very secure (she quarrels young children without fear), very careful (she problems about the critical rewards and nasty of humanity), [...]

A Passage to India Analysis of Major Characters

A Passage to India Major Characters Dr. Aziz In A Passage To India, Aziz seems to a mess of contradictions and extremes, embodiment of the concept of Forster’s “root” in India. Aziz is impetuous and fickle, changing views and concerns quickly and without warning, from one moment to another. His [...]
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